Petroleum Distribution

Fueling You and the Road Ahead

Welcome to Petroleum Distribution, America’s choice for premier fuel distribution services. We have over 50 years in fuel distribution and are a trusted provider of fuel brands such as Valero, Exxon, Conoco, Sunoco.

Petroleum Distribution is family owned and operated with a focus on providing an excellent customer experience with high-quality fuel products.

With services that include wholesale fuel delivery and a variety of fuel products, Petroleum Distribution’s mission is to be your full-service fuel supplier. No need to shop anywhere else.

Our brands include:

Pump-n-Shop, the premier fuel and convenience store for all Americans on the go.

Fuel America Travel Center, the one-stop-shop for America’s truck drivers.

Our Fuel Products

Distributor of the world’s leading fuel brands.

Diesel Fuel

Petroleum Distribution is the expert at supplying you with branded fuel for your gas station, fleet, on-site tanks, or auto dealership. We handle your fuel supply solutions while you manage your business. We offer high-quality fuel products from brands such as Valero, Conoco, Exxon, Sunoco, and Phillips 66.

Dyed Diesel

Dyed Diesel is tax-exempt because it’s purpose is for use in refrigerators and generators or industries such as construction and agriculture. Dyed diesel is not for use in regular motor vehicles, which is why it is dyed red so that it can be detected easily by law enforcement. While laws vary from state to state, it is imperative to purchase your dyed diesel from a trusted fuel distributor such as Petroleum Distribution. We will navigate you and keep you up to date with the laws in your state for your purchase of dyed diesel.


Petroleum Distribution distributes top of the line fuels from brands such as ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Valero, and Sunoco. We distribute Regular and Midgrade fuels from either of these brands. Leave the hard work of keeping your business supplied with premium fuels to Petroleum Distribution. Fueling your brand and the road ahead!

Our Fuel Products

Distributor of the world’s leading fuel brands.